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The Cold Case Squad of Florida, Inc. 

A Voice For Those Without

About US

Founded in 2024, The Cold Case Squad of Florida, Inc, a Non-Profit (pending IRS approval)  seperate subsidiary of Zelaya & Associates, Private Investigators, with an independent Board of Directors,  is dedicated to providing pro-bono investigative services to the families of missing persons with suspected foul play and unsolved homicides in the State of Florida and the Southeast United States. Using our extensive experience in these types of cases combined with our experience in Criminal Profiling, Criminology and Forensic Sciences, we aim to help "give a voice to those without".  Reach out to us today to find out how we can assist you with your cold case. 

Send a Case

Do you have a Missing Persons case with suspected foul play or an unsolved homicide? Send the details to our Cold Case Squad. 

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5360 Curry Ford Road

Orlando, FL 32812





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